Model YRC16
Capacity Depth (mm) 75 ~ 145
Blade Size (mm) 305 ~ 406
Arbor Size (mm) 27
Blade Rotation (rpm) 2500 ~ 3600
Power (hp) 8 ~ 13, Gasoline Engine / Diesel Engine
Weight (kg) 125
  • The series comprises from MC351 plastic tank cutter to YRC20 steel tank cutter, providing a wide range of products to meet customer needs
  • Built in tank and water sprinkler to disperse heat from the cutting blade during operation to prolong diamond blade usage.
  • Adjustable handle from ergonomic design and for easy storage.
  • Rigid cutter frame and precise blade shaft alignment to ensure perpendicular input cut angle, resist warping and vibration to prolong diamond blade usage.
  • Complete with bearing lock and throttle leveler.
  • The MC660 cutter is designed with self propel system for consistent moving speed.
  • Able to fit 660mm (26”) diamond blade with a maximum cutting depth of 280mm (11”)
  • Protection guard with built-in lifting hook protects against the engine from accidental job-site damage.
  • Heavy duty rubber wheels made from natural rubber limits body vibration towards cutting surface to prolong diamond blade usage.
  • Various types of blade are available!
  • Custom made machine to couple with Diesel engine is also available.